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Khalwa (Privacy) between Men and Women

Monday, 12 December 2011 21:07

Written by Admin

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Is there a comprehensive definition of what constitutes a khalwa (privacy) and what doesn't? e.g. can a public place, like a stair-well for example, become a khalwa when there's only a man and a non-mahram woman in it? and what about a room with windows that open out to a public place through which people can easily see in, is that still a khalwa? 

JazakAllah kheiran


Khalwah constitutes a place of privacy which is not usually accessible to others. A stairwell, room with view into room, etc. cannot be defined as Khalwah. However, for a man and woman to be together in privacy even where they are visible, but are unaccompanied by another person is prone to Fitnah and must be avoided as the third person present there is shaitaan (Hadith). And Allah knows best.

Article taken (with Thanks) from Darul-Ihsan